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Stud Press Fit Force

Question asked by April Dunham on Nov 19, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by April Dunham

I've been encountering problems with SolidWorks Simulation. Whenever I try to press a pin into a block with a hole (there is interference), the simulation does not want to run and only fails. It doesn't tell me the problem or why it continues to fail. There is a knurl on the pin so I am not sure if the points on the knurl creates a problem for solidworks. I have tried to fillet the points to create less of an issue with points.


To avoid this issue, I have tried to just take the block and put an internal pressure where it will deform the block's inner diameter to match the outter diameter of the pin. However, when I run the same simulation over and over again at different pressures, the diameter of the inside remains the same, even at significant differences in pressures.


Please give some suggestions that may fix this issue. Thanks