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Train wheel problem

Question asked by Martin Manvik on Nov 19, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by Bill McEachern

Hey everyone.


I need some help with a school assignment and I hope someone can help me!


This is the part that I'am doing the FEA analysis on.

At the moment I've concluded that it's to external loads that the trainwheel is exposed too. Torque from the motor and the load from the train wagon.

I've placed these two loads at the like this, But here is the question. How can I use the fixtures so I can get an result that's the most realistic. The fixtures that I've placed at the moment are a fixed geometry at the contact area of the wheel and the railway track(I haved drawn that here). And that's actually everything I have at the moment. I'am opened to everything that might help me.. Kindly regards MartinSkjermbilde2.PNG