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SNL options file setting "MAX"

Question asked by Tim Read on Nov 19, 2012

Hello all,


I have an options file for the SNL and it works great. I restrict usage, reserve licenses and prevent borrowing of certain licenses but I have a problem...


How do I restrict ALL users (without creating and maintaining a group) to only use one license? I assumed that the MAX option could be used but either I am missing something or it is not possible.


One of the reasons I need this is that some users borrow a license on a laptop for the weekend but end up borrowing until Monday 11:59PM.  They then get to work on Monday and log into a Workstation and use a second license...  Some users even try to borrow the license for the maximum time and then also use a workstation. I want to have a fix that 'just works' without requiring a policing action on my part. We have a large number of users (increasing all the time) and only a limited pool of licenses.


Any ideas?