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    drawing stops functioning

    Bruce Frederick

      when i open a file it loads and then I can't do anything with it. It just started this as of two days ago.

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          Lars Christensen

          Hi Bruce,

          I hope you are doing well.

          Is this file specific or does SolidWorks do this with any file you are trying to open? Can you test to see if you have the same behavior with one of your files on another machine running SolidWorks?

          If it is the SolidWorks installation I think I would go for a repair of SolidWorks through Programs and Features.

          Windows Start->Type "Programs and Features" ->Select "Programs and Features"-> Select SolidWorks and choose "Change". Then you can repair the individual installation.

          If this don't work or it is specific files, I would go ahead and contact my local VAR.


          Have a great day!


          Best regards,