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Changeing the order in a design tree (I can't)

Question asked by Paul Martin on Nov 17, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2012 by Kelvin Lamport

Once again I am working in the evening and getting stuck when there is only this forum to ask.....


I have just altered this drawing of a locomotives flycrank to add the highlighted forward extrusion from the previously flat front face.

This new extrusion has filled over the axle hole with a solid.


When I did the same to the rear i fixed it by dragging the extrude up the feature tree so it was before the cut.

I have tried this for the front case but SW wont let me drag it up above the cut.

I cannot see why?


Design Tree Question.jpg


Can someone point me in the right direction.  I could fix it by redrawing the thing to ge the new solid shape before then adding the cuts but I would like to understand what is controlling the sort to prevent it in this case from the point of view of learning about stuff


I have attached the file if the knowledgeble ones want to look at it