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    Hole Wizard slow response time (with video)

    Samuel Leith

      Hi guys,

      just finished installing a fresh install of SW 2012 SP2 on a brand new HP 8560w workstation.

      So far so good. I've been setting up all my preferences and what not in SW.


      One thing I noticed is there is a noticable time delay when dragging the location of a hole on the Hole Wizard sketch, especially when the mouse is moved 'quickly'.

      It's a bit hard to explain, so I took a short video to show you (attached).


      Weird right.

      Before this new computer, I had the previous version EliteBook (less ram, less power on CPU and GPU), SW 2011, and the dragging was definitely super smooth - not like its super graphics intensive anyway. It's a moving circle lol.


      Any idea what could cause this? Do you see the same behaviour?


      Two things that may help in determining what's causing this:

      -GPU is a Quadro 2000M. The driver installed is a more recent version than the one that is available on the SW website. I don't think this should be an issue but I'm still putting the info out there.

      -I did change many SW settings in the tools>options window, some affecting display and performance. I tried changing a few settings but no effect was noticed on the dragging problem I'm seeing.


      Thanks in advance.