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File Version Upgrade Tool error

Question asked by Paul Wyndham on Nov 16, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by Joy Garon

I find the instructions in the EPDM installation manual for the upgrade tool to be missing a lot of informations. But, that aside, I get an error "GetFirstResults() failed with error code 0x80004005." when I progress through the tool. This error comes up with I click "Next >" on the "Search Files to Upgrade" screen of the tool.


Here is a screenshot of the upgrade page with the settings I had.




After I click next I gives me this error:




Then it takes me to this blank page:




I cannot find any description of what I am supposed to do with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd variable fields or the "For" fields should contain either.

I was running this from my workstation. I don't think the master can be the archive server since it does not have SolidWorks installed.


I am trying to run this on a test vault that I have copied some training files into. So, I don't have to worry about breaking it.