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    File Version Upgrade Tool error

    Paul Wyndham

      I find the instructions in the EPDM installation manual for the upgrade tool to be missing a lot of informations. But, that aside, I get an error "GetFirstResults() failed with error code 0x80004005." when I progress through the tool. This error comes up with I click "Next >" on the "Search Files to Upgrade" screen of the tool.


      Here is a screenshot of the upgrade page with the settings I had.




      After I click next I gives me this error:




      Then it takes me to this blank page:




      I cannot find any description of what I am supposed to do with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd variable fields or the "For" fields should contain either.

      I was running this from my workstation. I don't think the master can be the archive server since it does not have SolidWorks installed.


      I am trying to run this on a test vault that I have copied some training files into. So, I don't have to worry about breaking it.

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          Joy Garon

          Hi Paul,


          I have not seen this problem before. Have you looked at the errors in the archive server and client error logs?

          This page is used to 'filter' the files added to the list. These settings are optional. For example, you could filter for only files that have a variable 'Product Type' with a value 'Internal' or something similar.

          I have never encountered anyone using these filters. Perhaps others in the forum has used them?


          I would recommend contacting your VAR and have them open an SR on your behalf.




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              Paul Wyndham

              That is what I thought the variables were for. So, I wasn't really concerned about them, just thought I would mention it in case I was wrong. Thanks for verifying my assumption. I probably have no need for them either as I would want to upgrade everything in the folder as opposed to a couple things.


              Was I correct in assuming that I was supposed to run the installer on the client workstation that has SolidWorks on it? How do I set the tool to create a new version of the file and leave the old versions alone?

              It does not describe either of these issues in the SW EPDM installation guide either.

              There are 15 pages of worthless flowcharts though.


              I guess I will try it on a different computer and see if I get the same error.

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              Paul Wyndham

              Need to verify another setting.


              I am supposed to select the version of SolidWorks I want to "upgrade to" and not what I want to "upgrade from", correct?


              The statement on this page "Select the SolidWorks file format to which to upgrade." does not make much sense to me. I would think this would be saying "Select the SolidWorks file format to upgrade to". So, we are moving to SW2012 so that is what I selected.