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    Rebuilding problems

    Leonard Defaux

      Hello I'm having a lot of problems when rebuilding my models in different configurations, in some cases I have to suppress a feature or a sketch and then unsuppress it to force it to rebuild properly, this is happening with models that have 7 to 14 configurations and happens when switching between them. I try every time to rebuild using ctrl+q several times; it doesn't work, I try as well to rebuild them using configure feature and when in the tab I click on rebuild all the configurations, but again it doesn’t work. The only way that it works is by suppressing and unsuppressing. Can it be possible that the problem relies on my Laptop, I have a Dell M4600 Win 7 64 bit, 8 GB of ram, 128 GB SSD, Nvidia Quadro M2000 and I’m using SolidWorks 2013 (I upgrade from 2012 to try to solve the problem). I’m thinking to upgrade to win 8 64 to see if this solves the problem.

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          Kalair Antarpreet

          hi leonard,

          I am having the same problem, I think this is a bug in the solidworks. in my case i am not using configuration but i am using equations. there are some equations in assembly and then i further have some more equations in the part and whenever i change the value of a global variable in the assembly,technically everything should rebuild . But in my case it does not update properly. i mean assembly rebuilts well but parts dont. So to resolve that I have to open the part everytime and rebuilt the every single part in the assembly individually to get the desired results. And there is no chance that it is something wrong with my computer because i am using an 8 core workstation.........hoping for a solution  from someone if there are any settings to change...........................

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            Jerry Steiger



            I don't think that it is likely to be a problem with your computer or your operating system. Others have reported that the "rebuild all configurations" doesn't seem to work. Others have also reported that equations don't update as automatically as they would like, often reuquiring two rebuilds. Since two rebuilds don't fix your issues, I doubt that it is equations that are causing the problem, although they might contribute. Does this happen with more than one part? I would send any offending parts into your VAR so that SolidWorks can get their hands on them.


            Jerry S.

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              Dony Juniar Abdullah

              Hi Leonard,


              Can you attach file for you problem?