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split line on weldment causes wrong total length

Question asked by David Cook on Nov 16, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2012 by Bjorn Hulman

I am using Solidworks 2010.


I have created a weldment of a bent part.  I use the weldment feature to get the total length automatically.  Using a sweep means that I have  to do additional work to get the total length.




In this case, the form is 3/4 of a rectangle.  At one end, the customer end point is right next to the end of a bend segment.  I need to have extra material  for the bender to grip the tube.  That's easy enough. 


Next, I need to create a trim line for the shop to cut after bending.  Normally I create a plane where I want the line, sketch a circle that encloses the part I want the line on and make a planar surface.  Then I use the planar surface to make a split line.


On my last part, the total lenght in weldment properties is listed as 154 11/16".  The sum of the dimensions added manually is 163 3/8".


If the roll-bar bar is moved above the split line and surface plane features, the total length in the weldment properties is listed as 163 3/8"


I didn't think that the split line affected the solid body or the total length.


What am I doing wrong?