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Can't clear referenced component in "Replace Component" Dialogue box

Question asked by Rick Denoon on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2012 by Rick Denoon

I am coming back to SW 2012 after using SolidEdge for quite a while.


Something is happening that I don't remember from before. When I right click on a component in an assembly and select "Replace Component", when the dialogue box pops up, the "Replace this component" box is populated with the component I selected (no problem there), but if I have any other part or assembly files open along with the assembly I am working in, the "With This One" box will be populated with all of these open files, and I can't clear them out of the box. If I hit the "Browse" button and browse for the file I want, it adds it to the box, but doesn't clear the other files. I can't delete them from the box, or use the clear selections option.


I know that this was not the case with previous versions. Is this new, or just a bug with my system?