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    Animation problems

    Demitri Duwadi

      Hello all,


      I'm having problems when I play an animation where the camera goes around my assembly from start to finish. When I drag the bar along the timeline it shoes it physically doing it, but when I hit play in camera view or regular view it doesn't go by itself, but if I pause it the camera shows up where it should be as if it were playing. Is it an option? Perhaps I have a key I was supposed to set and didn't?

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          Demitri Duwadi

          One thing I've noticed is whenever I put mates on my sled the + sign for a drop down shoes, but when I click it to look at the mates, it just disappears and nothing drops down at all, as if it had no mates...Also, whenever I do, do a path mate for the sled to follow along this dialog box pops up (http://puu.sh/1qyjC) and regardless of what I pick, the component shoots off to a specific part of the assembly every time...