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    Hello SolidWorks aficionados!

    Robert Palmer

      Hello SolidWorks aficionados!

      I'm new to SolidWorks in general and have some questions about both the 'Basic' SolidWorks 2012 Premium Program and 2012 Plastics Premium. My initial question for now is  -does the 'plastics' software category cover the ThermoVacuum Forming process as adverse to the injection molding process?

      Thank You in advance for your help,

      Robert Palmer

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          Glenn Schroeder



          Welcome to the forum. Here is a discussion put together a while ago by the leading contributor here.  It can be very helpful for people not familiar with the forum.


          I'm afraid I don't know anything about plastics, but if you don't get an answer to your specific question here pretty soon you might want to consider moving this discussion to the Plastics and Mold Design section, or starting a new discussion there with a title that reflects your question.

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            Raghavendra Bhagwan

            Hello Robert,


            Unfortunately not possible to analyse the Thermoforming process with SolidWorks Plastics and as of now its currently limited (fully functional for Injection Molding)


            Hope this helps !


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              Gravio Gravio

              Здравствуйте и Вы!

              Я плохо понимаю английский поэтому переспрошу:

              1.Вас интересует - возможно ли создавать формы для литья под давлением в SW?

              2.И если на этом форуме русскоязычные?