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    Custom Properties Tab

    Brian Watts

      Hi all,



      I have searched around the forum but there was nothing similar to the problem we have so here goes....


      We have recently discovered that when checking out drawings from the PDM workgroup (vault) the date format is showing mm/dd/yy where instead it should be showing dd/mm/yy.


      For example if a drawing was signed off on 9th July, the custom properties tab pulls up the calender to show 7th September.


      How do we get the the format of the date back to the original satus?


      FYI - Last week out IT upgraded the server which meant moving the vault which they did. Copying vault folder/files from old server to the new one and installing the PDM workgroup software onto the new server. I have some expectations that this could be the source of the problem and if so would need to help on putting this right.


      Thanks in advance....Brian