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Q: How do I set up a Weldolet or Threadolet to drag drop and penetrate at a specified size onto a routed pipe surface.

Question asked by Ben Fulton on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by Philip Lewis

Hello folks,


I have a half inch threadolet that is used on everything and I am trying to set it up to drag and drop onto any pipe and have it penetrate the pipe at a specified size (if I change the threadolet configuration it should change the hole size in the pipe aswell)


I understand that you cannot use a MateReference to drop the threadolet onto the pipe but will need a dimension there. Unless you can and I am unaware of this (please educate me - also if you can make a drag drop item detect the pipe size it is being dropped onto, i would also like to know more about this)


So at the moment, I have a simple part with a Cpoint and Rpoint that i drop onto a line that penetrates from the main pipe line (perpendicular lines) So I then penetrate that line into the main pipe line, I then dimension the threadolet so it looks like it is sitting on the pipe surface then change the penetrating line to a construction line. It kind of works ok.


It is a bit fiddly and wondering if there is an easier solution.