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    Bolt Connector Creation + Series Bolt

    Ys Low



      I am new to simulation. I am having problems creating a bolt connector.


      QTN 1) In this first printscreen, I need some clarifications on which edge/face should I be selecting for the 2 entries in the red circle. In other words, I would like to know what do the 2 fields mean. In particular, the first entry I currently chose the inner circle of the CSK hole. I am not sure if I should choose the outer hole of the CSK hole instead.

      bolt connector.png

      QTN 2) Referring to the printscreen below, I am trying to generate a bolt series and again I am not sure what should I be selecting for the field in red circle.


      Series Bolt.png

      QTN 3) What is the difference between using bolt connector and a fixture? Am I right to say that bolt connector is a special kind of fixture?


      Thanks for any help!



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          Kevin Corr

          A bolt connector instructs the mesher to attach a beam element in the mesh, implying it can stretch and bend like tetrahedral and shell elements. Fixtures are limits on degrees of freedom of nodes of elements.


          I don't know much about the bolt series behavior and pitfalls.


          In question 1, the meaning of the fields is to tell simulation the length of the beam element by selecting the faces of the csink and tapping hole. You have selected foundation bolt as opposed to csink. For csink bolt I use the conical surface of the csink in the upper window and the cylindrical surface of the tapping drill hole in the lower window. If the foundation type is what you are after,  select the edge of the hole where the bolt head would touch. Under Target I have used a plane idealizing "mother earth", which then means that plane is selected in target window. The plane should be set up as a virtual wall. Connector Virtual wall, contact option "rigid" is a requirement for the foundation bolt, at least in 2010.

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              Ys Low

              Thanks for the reply!


              but as you can see the in the first screenshot, I can only select the foundation bolt and not the CSK. I am not sure why this is so. (btw I realised that when I try bolt connector in a part file, I am only able to select foundation bolt. Is this the normal case?)


              the next entry, which you call "Target", can I just check that its meant for you to select a plane to attach the hole to? Am I also right to say I cannot select the face that the bolt is mounted?

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                  Mikael Martinsson

                  When you have a single part the only option is to use foundation bolt.


                  In the first field you click on the edge to give the diameter of the bolt. In your case M5 and the program has correctly chosen Ø5 mm.


                  In the second field, with the plane symbole, you need to select the foundation plane. You also need a viritual wall contact between the bottom surface of the part and the foundation plane.


                  In the bolt series dialog you click on one of the surfaces (csk or hole) to tell the program to find and select all similar holes on the part.

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                    Kevin Corr

                    If the effects of displacement of the part with the tapped hole ie.  screw thread engagement  are important, model the boss and tapped hole in that new boss as unmerged so it becomes a second body in the model. Then you can use any of the connector types.