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Large volume file checking

Question asked by Scott Shuppert on Nov 14, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2012 by Anna Wood

Does anybody have a suggestion how to take a huge number of files and really do little more than open each 3d file that will be about 50% *.stp the other 50% will be most anything (parasold, native SW, etc.) and log the result?


We are looking at processing 150,000+ files, and really just need to weed out and log the good vs. not good files.  Ie : when SW ask's to fix a file, we wish to flag that.  Ideally write out each file name and if any error messages into an *.xls file. 


We have even looked at the fancy commerical validation software products but none of them are really set to handle a batch process like this.


And the to push my luck also then consolidate everything into a layer '0', turn all colors into black, and then lastly write out the native SW file.


With this many files, just to validate this many files will kill us.  We are looking I think for a script of some sort to help weed out the  corrupt/bad files first.  Each folder might have 200-1,300 parts per folder.  Ideally we just tag a dozen folders, let it run overnight, and let SW open and close each and every file by itself is just fine.


Any suggestions and ideas, please?