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Limiting travel of assembled components

Question asked by Brad Reinagle on Nov 14, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2012 by Brad Reinagle

In the past I have done a lot of work with Pro/E Mechanisms.

Anyway, I have a simple mechanical mechanism I am working on that I want to limit the rotational motion of one part.

The part is a lever that rotates around an axis with an eccentric lobe that is driving the motion through mates of another part.

I want the lever to have limited rotational travel. In Pro/E the connection of choice would be slot and follower. The follower would be a datum point or vertex.

The slot would be a curve either 2d or 3d. In Pro/E the end of the selected curve would basically acrt as a hard stop for the point traveling along the curve.

In my solidworks models I have a curve created representing the amount of rotational travel I want to limit my lever travel to.

In the assembly I have tried the standard mate using the coincident mate with the point and curve and on the sdvanced mates I have tried the path mate using the same point and curve. Neither of these methods seem to have any option for limiting travel along the curve. If I try to use a mechanical mate and select cam and follower, the selections are very unclear as to what I am to be selecting. You have a pick box for mate selections and then for the cam follower. In the mate selection pick box I can select faces/surfaces but no edges or points etc. In the cam follower pick box I can select faces/surfaces and points but no edges. And then if I could figure out what and when to select I still am not sure if this type of assembly mate will limit my rotational travel as desired.


Anybody got any ideas?