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Add bend note to the flat pattern?

Question asked by David Butler on Nov 14, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2013 by Matt Camacho-Cook

I apologise in advance as I can't believe this won't have been covered somewhere before but I'm dammed if I can find where!


If I place the flat pattern drawing of a sheet metal part in a drawing view, SW adds the bend lines and the bend notes just fine. Creating projected views of the flat pattern, the bend lines show but the notes do not. I would like to know how you go about adding these bend notes (callouts?) other than creating a note manually and typing in the details.


I can appreciate that you don't want to have the same feature dimensioned in two places which could explain why SW doesn't show them for what it thinks are clones of flat pattern but people must need to place the bend notes on drawings other than the default flat pattern all the time for detailed views, additional drawings if needed to convey all the information or as in my case, the flat pattern is aligned in a portrait orientation and I want it landscape (so I create two projected views to get it in the orientation I want).


In the properties of the flat pattern I want the bend notes on, the "Display sheet metal bend notes" is greyed out for all views bar the initial flat pattern view.


Of course I can just write the note manually but thats asking for an awful lot of work if anything changes!