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Workgroup PDM on Virtual Machine: Windows 7 vs Server 2012

Question asked by Samuel Leith on Nov 14, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2012 by Samuel Leith

Hi everyone,

we are currently in the planning phase of adding a server to our network (we have none at the moment).

The main reason for the server is to run Workgroup PDM, but also to allow file sharing and client PC backups.


On the system requirement page, the only supported OS's are XP greater SP2, Vista, or Windows 7.

Surely there must be a true server OS supported - anybody know which versions are supported? Or are we better off running Workgroup PDM off Windows 7 on the server?


If there is really zero advantages to running Workgroup PDM on a server OS (which are more expensive), then we will gladly run it off Windows 7.


On that same system requirement page, there is a clear note that PDM may or may not work on a virtual machine.

Since we have no dedicated IT on site, we don't want to fiddle around trying to get something to work and make our lives harder.


Anybody have had success running Workgroup PDM in a virtual environment?

Whether we end up running Workgroup PDM on Windows Server Standard 2012, or on Windows 7, in both cases, we were hoping it would run in a Virtual machine.


So far, our thought was to run 2 virtual instances of Server 2012 Standard on ESXi. One of the 2 virtual Windows Server Standard VM would be dedicated to Workgroup PDM.


If there is no advantages to using a Server OS, then we would run it in a Virtual Windows 7 Machine, again off of ESXi.


Looking for your comments and/or suggestions.