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    Variable Radius Face Fillet with C2?

    J. Dm

      Hi Community,


      I am working on some surfacing, and trying to use fillets to create smooth transitions between faces. I have been using face fillet with continuous curvature checked to get nice C2 transitions. The trouble I'm running into is that my face fillets are of a constant radius, and I need a variable radius. Is there any way to create a variable radius fillet that still maintains C2 transitions?



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          Matt Lombard

          The only way to make a variable rad face fillet c2 is to use the hold line option, splitting both hold lines yourself. You could also manually create the surface, but that's an even bigger pain.


          EDIT:  Just to add, you could also do it the sloppy way, which is to use a regular variable radius fillet to create the fillet, then select the faces of the fillet and delete them, then add the faces back in with Boundary surfaces using c2 as appropriate. You'll have to fiddle around a bit to get the boundary right where it hits the flat faces, but that's comparatively easy, just a pain.