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    Vibration Analysis on fixed pipe

    Jon Bacon

      Hello all,


      I am having trouble with a fairly simple simulation study:


      I have a pipe that is fixed on one end, and would like to excite the other end at a constant, forced frequency of 37.5Hz (not the pipe's natural frequency) and maximum acceleration of 50g's. There are no other external loads or fixtures. What simulation study should I use? I tried using "Frequency - Harmonic" after searching some tutorials, but wasn't sure how to define the loads, etc.


      If you need more information let me know.


      Thanks for any help,



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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Jon: I'm fairly certain you can do this in two ways: 1) clamp the end with a separate fixture, then you can apply "Selected Base Excitation" from the loads folder, to just that fixture. In the dialog you can specify acceleration (use 1 g, for example). Towards the bottom of the dialog you can click on the "Curve" option and assign acceleration values as a function of frequency. The values you assign will multiply by the "1 g" you entered earlier. 2) you can directly apply a force on the end (say 1 unit), and at the bottom click on the "curve" option to scale the load as a function of frequency. I'm not certain you can apply the function at one frequency, however you can choose a small range, say 30 to 40 Hz, then after the run just pick-out the results for your 37.5Hz.

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              Susheel W

              Hi Anthony


              Hope you can put some light on this too

              I am trying to perform a seismic test using frequency to determine natural frequency and when I define static force = gravitational force x 1.5 times OBE the results obtained are very drastic it shows deformation in my body shall I use these results as it looks difficult to explain relibility of my product . please help


              Thanks & Regards