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How to import 300 txt files to 'Scan to 3D'-'Curve wizard' by Macro

Question asked by Jinghan Liu on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2012 by Deepak Gupta

Hello professionnals !


I am a new student in SW and here I have a question about Macro.

Here I have more than 300 txt files´with XYZ points.  I tried to insert normal curve throgh XYZ points but actually it dones't like what I want cuz there are some straight line parts ih between also turn into curve which I don't expect.   So I changed to use this 'Scan to 3D'-'Curve wizard' for 1 curve ,It looks much better!  So I'd like to use this for all the curves.


Here I have a question. What Macro code should I use to import several txt files automaticly??   What's more, I need to adjust the 'Curve Fit' slider when I insert this curve!!   There is 11 small lines on the bar and I want the arrow exactly towards the third line( means 2 small spaces of this bar.) Can Macro make this cureve fit at the same time when insert the points??  Sorry I really know nothing about Macro and progamming , so please tell me in details



Thank you all very much for your help!