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    Slow Down

      It seems Cosmos needs the time to unload data, as it cannot retain FEM information of two SWX models at the same time.
      Normally this takes acceptable times when I work on my HD, while it is hurtingly slow when I work on files on the network.
      I tested all the 4 combinations (SWX file on the network + Cosmos working folder local, and so on).
      It seems that the SWX file position is more important, even if it is the smaller chunk of data.
      So I keep everything on my HD.
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          turn of the cosmos work add-in if you are doing non-cosmos works work.
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            SW 2006 SP 4.1
            CW designer 2006 SP 4.0

            Computer is Brand new with a 3.0 Ghz Pentium 4 and 3.25 GB of ram
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              I'm just wondering if anybody else has trouble with SolidWorks freezing on files that have had anaylisis done to them when switching windows. For instance I have a part I ran a study on now if I switch windows to a different part then try to come back to the part I had analized it takes 30-60 before I can do anything while solidworks is frozen. Is there some way to correct this?
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                What version of SW/CW are you running?
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                  I have noticed the same problem. It seems that the extra Cosmos data slows down Solidworks when switching between windows.

                  Jeff Hess
                  Solidworks Office Premium 4.1
                  HP xw4200 - 3GB RAM - FX540
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                    Emilio Graff

                    I am experiencing this with SW2009 SP4.1 and it drives me nuts. Files are on a four-disk RAID 5, and I can barely hear them doing anything. Turning off the Simulation addin solves the issue, but that's not always convenient---especially when you forget and you have to go surf the net for half an hour to get it to show up again.


                    Anyeone have any ideas?