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Search for files in specific state, transitioned by specific user

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Nov 12, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2012 by Tim Turpin

Needing some help when trying to search for files in a specific state which were transitioned by a specific user.


Current searching using the Workflow tab, specifying the desired state and specifying specific user who transitioned.  However, the results are not accurate.  Wanting only the latest or current state and the user who transitioned but I am getting results when that user had previously transitioned the file.  See below example:


Search for Pending ECO state   AND  User A

Result shows file 123456 matching that criteria



Search for Pending ECO state   AND  User B

Result again shows file 123456 match that criteria


When investigating results what is found is file is in Pending ECO state (correct) and User B transitioned (also correct), thus second search acheived the correct and desired results.  Further investigating, found file 123456 was previously in Pending ECO state and was transitioned that time by User A.  This is not a desired result because it is not the latest/current transition.  Though file found is currently in Pending ECO not wanting to see it was transitioned by User A since that is out of date information, only wanting to see User B that currently transitioned file.


WHY?  We periodically search to see which files are in Pending ECO to see what upcoming changes are going to be made.  Additionally with that result we are wanting to see what User requested the change and transitioned the file so we can see their workload.  With results we are currently getting file 123456 is being attributed to multiple users when in actuality it should only be attributed to the current user, User B.


Can anyone suggest search criteria to only get the desired results of Pending ECO state and current User who specified transition?


Thanks, Tim...