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    Multiple Serial Numbers for One Template

    Katie Hughes

      Would it be possible to have a template reference different serial numbers?


      Here's an example.  We have a template setup for job instructions.  Every department in our office will need to be using the same template.  However, each department needs their own serial number.  Is there a way to have our instructions template look at a different serial number depending on folder location or something like that?  It would be great if when a new instruction get created in the engineering folder, the template uses the engineering serial number.  But if a new instruction gets created in the purchasing folder, we would like the template to use the purchasing serial number.  Is there a way to do that?  I realize I could setup a template for every department, referencing the same template, but it seems like a lot of extra work to do it that way (we could possibly have up to 38 different department templates all referencing the same file).


      Thanks for your help!