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    Solidworks locking up every once in a while, what is going on?

    Daniel Sze

      I am using Solidworks 2012 on a fairly new machine at my workplace. It handles most parts and shapes and assemblies just fine.


      However, as recent as this month, Solidworks have this tendency to freeze, then go, then freeze again for periods of 15 seconds or longer when I try to do ANYTHING on a specific part relevent to the project I'm working on, including clicking anywhere and trying to exit out of the program. In the task manager, whenever the program freezes, it gets listed as "Not Responding".


      I thought that it might be the part, but I do not see how would a part would stall Solidworks this badly, not to mention that Solidworks has handled even more complex parts without problems before.


      What is going on here, is this problem a part problem or a problem with the computer, and what and how can I fix the problem?