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Assembly Color Override

Question asked by Foster Collins on Nov 11, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2013 by Loui Leclerc

     I have been working on a large assembly with 5 or so sub assemblies. I have set the display colors of my parts at the subassembly mode, and was planing to just resue these at the top level. When I first brought it in it was fine and all the colors came though. Now a few days later I have somehow set a color of a few of the sub assemblies to the standard solidworks grey. The problem is that I cannot get rid of these. I have tried deleting the "color" appearance in the DisplayManager by right clicking and selecting remove appearance, but it doesnt go away. I have tried selecting the little triangle (which I think means that the assembly level is assigning colors) in the feature tree's display pane and selecting "clear all top level overrides", but they still stay. I have tried to select a face and just recolor all the faces manually, but I still cannot get it to override the assembly's colors. The only thing that half works is if I select the part and change the subassembly to flexable, which will have the effect of reloading the assem and the flexable subassem will update will all the appropriate colors... that is until i rebuild! UGHHH. I have tested making the one which happens to look fine by both flexable and rigid, and the colors still come though in both cases even with a rebuild.

     Other weirdness - there is one sub assem that does show up right, and there is no large differences between the settings. Also if i bring in a new subassem that hasnt been inserted into the top level yet the colors work fine, but if the new one has the same name as any of the grey subassem it too will turn grey after a rebuild. The only cause I can think of is at one point (around the time when I first noticed this) I created a new display state though the isolate tool. Curiously the isolated assem was the one subassem that still shows up right...

     I have attached some pictures the first shows the grey colors in the displayManager. And the second shows the display pane with the assembly display overrides on all but the "PUA" assembly which is the one coming though alright.


     I have been using solidwork for 4 years now and I have ALWAYS had pretty good luck with it, but have never seen anything this weird. I have done a lot of googling, and I havent seen any one with this exact problem, but I hope somebody might have encountered this before. I did see quite a bit about different unfixable bugs with display states, so I hope its not that, but se will see. Unfortunately I am on an educational license so I do not have tech support, so I hope you guys can help!