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    Imported name assingments

      have you tried using SolidWorks Explorer, It isn't automated but is a very easy and fast way to perform this task.
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          I think it's a limitation and your suggestion is a good one. I too encountered this problem.
          You should fill an enhancement request.
          • Imported name assingments
            Are you importing them into another part file that already has geometry? What I've done in the past was to import them into a new part and then do a "save as" to rename that file.

            Steve Calvert
            Solidworks 2006 SP 3.1 & UG V18.0.5.2
            on WinXP SP2
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              Hello all,

              If I import a part can I have the parts come with a unique identifier? So instead of "part1" it might come in as "part1_08-09-06-8:45am" or some other means of making it unique.

              When we import parts we often end up with default names like part1, part2, ect. We have run into some problems with conflicting assemblies that have the same named parts, for example, if someone starts a part but has not gotten to the point where it is renamed from the default, then opens an assembly. Part1 is already open so SW uses that instead of the expected part1. If our imported parts had unique names rather then the default name, it would remove this problem, work arounds and expense.

              Any input is welcome.
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                Use PDM Works, which is included in SolidWorks, or use another PDM/TDM system like i.e. SmarTeam.
                • Imported name assingments
                  Are there any options with out PDM works? We did not opt for this extra.

                  Engineer Jared Harvey
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