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sketching assumptions - some relations don't show.

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on Nov 12, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2012 by Nathan Rollins

Hi all,


I think I know that my answer is "no", but I still have some hope...


Can you control or customize the assumptions and application of sketcher relations?



If I'm sketching multiple circles of the same diameter, sketcher currently does not snap to the already existing circle's diameter.  Applying the "equal to" relation would same some time - can it be done?


If I am sketching some symetric geometry and I put in a construction line for symetry, sketcher currently does not snap to symetric.  This also would save some time - can it be done?


Are there other time saving tricks that you might know of for sketching?  I saw a demo once where the presenter "rectangle / window - selected" many circles and aligned them all vertically.  I have tried this several times and cannot get it to work.  I always need to select the center points manually and then apply the relation.  What am I missing?


I would love to see a cheat sheet for tricks and tips like this. 

e.g. - hold down the shift key when you want to dimension to the tangent of an arc...  Those kick-ass time savers that are "right at my finger tips" but I don't have the knowlege.


Thanks a lot!