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Renaming dimensions in Design Table

Question asked by Michail Stockfelt on Nov 10, 2012
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I have made a part (ABC123.SLDPRT) that has several different configurations, the difference is the value of one dimension.


I auto-created a design table which correctly lists the configurations on the form:



Header 1Header 2




Now I wish to make a drawing, and I want the table in one corner, so that when manufacturers see part ABC123-2 they will know that that certain dimension should be 150 mm.


I add the table with no trouble, but I do not like that it says "D1@Sketch1". I would prefer it to say "H" (as in height) and then modify the dimension in the the drawing view to say H" as well.


Like this:




My problem is that I cannot change the string "D1@Sketch1". Whenever I try renaming it in the part model/Design Table/Excel window, I get the message 'Column heading "H contains an invalid feature name "H". Exiting design table without completing model update.'


If I try to rename the dimension name in the sketch ("Primary Value = H") it becomes "H@Sketch1". The design table still does not accept the "H" column but rather suggests that I should add the column "H@Sketch1".


The Help is useless here, all it says about the Configuration Manager is

"To rename a feature or sketch:

Right-click the name in the column header and click Rename.

Type a new name.

Click Apply."


That doesn't help at all, it just renames the dimension to "H@Sketch1" again.


So please tell me what the proper procedure to rename a dimension is, to get a good looking design table on the drawing.


Thanks a lot in advance!


/Some Dude