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    Replaced model in a drawing yields boxes with X's through in all drawing views.

    Greg Kramer



      So I have run across this problem twice now. The first time I was only involved after the damage was done so I wrote it off as user error. This time I was part of the problem   In the second case a drawing was created accidentally referencing a part instead of an assembly. The assembly is the injection molded part with a few inserts added, so basically all the same geometry. However, in the drawing we need to reference the inserts so the assembly is needed. In order to change the referenced model I used SLDWKS explorer. It worked fine for me. None of the dimensions were able to find their anchors, but all the drawing views were there. When my colleague opened the drawing the views that had the part replaced by the assembly showed up as boxes with X's through them. SLDWKS and SLDWKS explorer say that they are pointing to the correct assembly, but the drawing will not display the model. I know explorer isn't the greatest software in the world, but is something that can be remedied?


      On a side note, the first time I encountered this is was replacing one model with an identical model. The only difference was the revision in the part name. Same geometry, same features, just a different file name. Also, trying to revert the drawing references back to the original part yielded no results. I still got the broken reference box with the X's through.


      Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank You