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How to extrude onto a curvatured surface

Question asked by Jason Ph on Nov 9, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2012 by Jason Ph

Hi everyone, my name is Jason and I'm just beginning to dabble in SW. I have a question that I've been pulling hair for that past few hours. Before I go bald I am seeking help.


I'm trying to model a motorcycle triple clamp. The top surface is a curvatured profile, as is the bottom surface. I've sketched a profile using a 'cross' plane to get this profile.




You can see the profile created, I marked with a red line here:




The problem that I can't seem to figure out is I'm trying to extrude the top surface lower, but matching the same profile. So far I've created a surface that is flat (indicated by my blue line in the picture above).


Below is a picture of a model that I'm trying to achieve, which is created by a professional. Notice the profile line that I've drawn in purple, it is curved. This is the curved surface that I'm trying to achieved, but if I create a sketch using a plan and extrude it straight down, it is flat.


profile correct.jpg


So how do I create a sketch so that I can extrude down, yet the surface is curved and not flat? Any help is appreciated.