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Unable to Add/Remove a License Server from the List using SNL Manager

Question asked by Andrew Hollett on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2012 by Andrew Hollett

I was just going through an install of SW2012 SP5.0 on a new machine. I already have it up and running on a different desktop. This time during the installation, when prompted for the license server and port, I made a typo and flipped two of the letters. Of course when trying to launch SolidWorks it says, "Could not obtain license." So I launch the SolidNetWork License Manager which of course says, "Could not get information from this server." This is all expected given that I made a typo. The problem is that when I go the server list, I can remove the incorrect server and add the correctly spelled one, but when I switch back to the License Usage tab or try to otherwise use SolidWorks it is still reverted to the incorrect server I typed during installation. It does not appear to actually let me add or remove a server from the list. Please help?