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    Tools>Compare by using SWx Network Monitor

    Michael Fernando

      It’s now possible to run Distributed File Conversion by Using Network Monitor; a group of computers share the processing load for conversion tasks.


      Is there a way that I could use this method to run Tools>Compare to compare two large assembly revisions directly from the WPDM vault?


      FYI: now it’s possible to browse the WPDM vault thru the file open window, which I was requesting since going from XP to Vista as we lost this capability.


      Also I assume that you are aware that by using this Tools>Compare method, it is going to rename the comparing files automatically by adding a suffix of the relevant revision “_REV**” of each file, which is a huge service.

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          Michael Fernando

          Following is the reply from SWx for my enhancement request:


          Dear Michael,

          Thank you for submitting this issue 1-3088379584 to our enhancement request system and for your continued patience while this request was under review.


          While reviewing this request we have determined that this enhancement request has already been identified in our system as an existing Software Performance Report (SPR). What this means is that our development team will be evaluating the request for possible inclusion in a future version of the software. The SPR’s reference number is: 511572, "Add load balancing (network distribution multiple computers processing farm) support for all task scheduler tasks using network monitor".


          I have attached your Enhancement Request to the SPR so that you will be automatically notified of any future updates. Note that the status of this Enhancement Request will be set to "Closed" indicating that the appropriate action has been completed for this Enhancement Request by Product Definition (in this case, attaching this Enhancement Request to an SPR). You can check on the status of this Enhancement Request as well as the status of any SPR’s associated to this Enhancement Request by clicking on the "My ERs (Enhancement Requests)" link in your SolidWorks Customer Portal account.


          Thank you again for helping to improve our products.




          Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.