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Configurator Sales Engineer - Virtual Office

Question asked by Kevin Bennett on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2012 by Raymond McCormack

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Our Culture

KBMax is a rapidly expanding software & services company based in Austin, TX with technology centers in the Bay Area and Parma, Italy.  Our flagship KBMax product configurator helps worldwide manufacturing companies sell more custom products faster.  Our virtual office model requires professionals who understand communication, accountability, and teamwork.    We succeed because our people are responsible to each other and care about the company.  This entrepreneurial attitude is important to our culture and is built into compensation packages for appropriate employees.

The work includes occasional travel to customer sites in the US and Europe.  These trips provide great opportunity for the KBMax team to bond while exploring local and corporate cultures.  We also provide a yearly two day off-site in Wine Country to encourage team building. 

Our employees are at their best when happy and rested.  Four weeks paid vacation is standard for new hires with flexible scheduling for personal and sick days. 

The Position

Sales Engineer will telecommute with travel to customer sites in the US and Europe. Salary and benefits will be competitive based on experience level with potential for equity in company based on performance.  The work will focus on technical sales support needs via demonstration and competitive analysis, including building KBMax demos for potential customers.  You will also provide Technical Support and Customer Service to end-users via telephone, e-mail, and webinars.  Additional responsibilities may include conducting end-user training courses on-site for the customer and over webinar plus miscellaneous projects depending on customer requirements.


We require a candidate that is comfortable speaking to customers both over the phone and in person.  KBMax sales engineers will not be the primary sales persons but must understand that their role is crucial to the sales process.


Skills & Requirements

  • Mechanical and/or manufacturing engineering experience with a focus in CAD
  • Capable of working independently and meeting multiple deadlines
  • Programming experience a plus
  • A bachelor's degree in engineering is preferred (Mechanical or Industrial)
  • Customer Facing Experience a plus.


How to Apply

Interested parties please send resumes and highlight matching qualifications to   Please include expected salary ranges.   Outsourcing development companies and non-US eligible applicants need not apply.