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    Solidworks changed the color of all my dimensions and sketches in drawings

    Jaimie Pelino

      I turned on Solidworks this morning and suddenly every dimension I attempt, note I write, or sketch I draw in the drawings turns red -- different templets don't affect it, changing layers doesn't work, I've gone through and reset colors still didn't work, tried going through all the options in the systems option menu and can't find anything to change it back. I can manually change each line to black using the layers paintbrush, but thats the only way I've found. I googled for a while and can't find an answer there either, so please help if you can.


      Thank you,



      PS --

      Also get a few times a week where suddenly it refuses to save a file, and I have to "save as" in order to keep my changes. Whenever I save it goes "Save failed!"

      This will happen on a day, and no matter what keeps happening that day, but then next day will be fine. (Even if reboot during the day.) This problem is less frustrating than the other because can just save as (although breaks some internally created part paths, so that is annoying but I can fix them.)