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    Meshing Issue with Truss

    Chancz McGee

      Hey folks,


      I'm a first year engineering student and here is my current situation:


      I am creating a very simply truss (for a bridge). I had originally created a truss, however it was too short in length. Prior to adjusting the length of the truss, I ran a stress test in SimulationXpress just to see if it was safe based on FOS before I bothered with making it longer. Everything ran fine.


      Since the truss seemed fine, I adjusted the length of the truss. As I finished it, I had to re-run SimulationXpress. After I selected my load + fixtures + material; I started the stress test, however I keep getting hung up with the error: "Meshing failed. Analysis terminated".


      I have ran it multiple times. I have created new trusses, many of them more simply, some more complex. I continue to get this error. I have went to different labs and computers, the error is the same. But, when I go back to my original truss (the one that was too small), SimXpress works fine.


      Any new truss I create or any adjustment I make to the original, the SimXpress analysis fails with the error: "Meshing failed. Analysis terminated."


      Thanks guys.

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          monika kodikara

          Dear Chancz


          It is simple. You can remesh and run. You will not get errors. Try it.



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            K. C

            Dear McGee


            It may be due to the limitation on the number of elements that the software supports for analysis (usually trial versions support 1000 nodes max),

            or it may also be due the quality of the elements, if the elements have negative jacobian the analysis will terminate automatically. And also check the boundary conditions and constraints.


            If it is the case of element quality, try to correct it or try to bypass the element quality check during analysis.




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              Bill McEachern

              make sure you have no interfrences and no bad geometry. There are no limitations - other than solid elements and fixed BC's. You might want to try gettig the real simulation program (tools->-add-ins-simulation). If you use the strucrural memeber command it will mesh them as beams - more appropriate.