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Meshing Issue with Truss

Question asked by Chancz McGee on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by Bill McEachern

Hey folks,


I'm a first year engineering student and here is my current situation:


I am creating a very simply truss (for a bridge). I had originally created a truss, however it was too short in length. Prior to adjusting the length of the truss, I ran a stress test in SimulationXpress just to see if it was safe based on FOS before I bothered with making it longer. Everything ran fine.


Since the truss seemed fine, I adjusted the length of the truss. As I finished it, I had to re-run SimulationXpress. After I selected my load + fixtures + material; I started the stress test, however I keep getting hung up with the error: "Meshing failed. Analysis terminated".


I have ran it multiple times. I have created new trusses, many of them more simply, some more complex. I continue to get this error. I have went to different labs and computers, the error is the same. But, when I go back to my original truss (the one that was too small), SimXpress works fine.


Any new truss I create or any adjustment I make to the original, the SimXpress analysis fails with the error: "Meshing failed. Analysis terminated."


Thanks guys.