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Toolbox to generate models

Question asked by Martin Goulet on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by Martin Goulet

Hi SolidWorks users,


Does any of you still use Toolbox to generate 3D models and then rename and save in your own folder?

This has been our preferred way of working for a long time but now something very annoying is happening.


Even if you break the link from the Toolbox (Save as copy), whenever you are in an assembly mode if you click on a part made from Toolbox, a green arrow will appear and will let you change the length of the part.


The idea of creating our own library is to restrain the parts to the one we have in inventory so this behavior goes against what we really want.


This behavior is not new, but I’m not sure in which version of SolidWorks it was changed.

I don’t want to keep and old version of SolidWorks installed on my computer just to create toolbox parts...


Does any of you have the same problem? Have you found a solution?


Thank you,



Tollbox parts (green arrow).jpg