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    Trouble with Deleting Old 'Revision Numbers'

    Brian Dalton

      I created workflow and a revision scheme to go with it.  The idea was not accepted so I need to get rid of it.


      I deleted and destroyed the file that I used to test the workflow (only one), I deleted the states that referenced the revision scheme, but EPDM won't let me delete the revision scheme itself.  When I try to delete the 'revision number' definition it complains that it is used in some states and therefore can't be deleted.  But I already successfully removed those states...


      Anyone know how I can get EPDM to let go of the states that are deleted and allow me to clean out the unwanted revision number and revision number components?  SQL needed here, perhaps?

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          Raghavendra Bhagwan

          Hello Brian,


          Just wanted to check, Have you checked  the state properties and set the revision component to none and try deleting the revision number.

          Right mouse button click on Properties on  States

          Change revision number from current revision number to none

          Save  Workflow

          Open Administration user settings and unselect all state permissions and permits for Workflow, validate by clicking on OKDelete the revision number then its revision number component.


          Hope this helps !



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              Brian Dalton

              Thanks for the reply, Raghav, but I think you may not have completely read my post. The states in question cannot have their properties set because they have already been deleted.

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                  Raghavendra Bhagwan



                  Update: I see an outstanding SPR 367207 says that Deleting a workflow leaves orphaned revision numbers and makes them impossible to delete.



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                      Brian Dalton

                      OK, perhaps I wasn't clear enough in my original post.


                      I'm aware that you cannot delete a revision number if it is being used in any existing states.  That's why EPDM gives the message that a revision number can't be deleted because it's being used in a particular state.  The genesis of my problem is that I have already deleted the states that it was used in and I have verified that the states listed in the 'you can't delete this' message are the ones that I have deleted and that there are no other states listed which have not been deleted.


                      This is in fact not the first time I've run into this.  I have several obsolete revision numbers and revision number components that can't be deleted for exactly the same reason: EPDM thinks they're still in use by states but those states (and in some cases the entire workflow) have already been deleted.  It seems that there is no way at all to delete an obsolete revision number once it's been referenced by a state, even after that state is long gone.


                      Most likely it's a failure of EPDM to properly police the SQL tables with regards to revision numbers.  I've had similar issues with other parts of the system as well.  EPDM has trouble graciously handling the removal of old, unused items, unfortunately.


                      My hope is that someone has seen and solved this before, and that they can point me to a solution.  I'll also be contacting my VAR to see if they can help.