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Is bulk check out possible?

Question asked by Jonathan Baker on Nov 6, 2012

We have a temporary situation in which a remote office with a very slow connection to our office needs access to most of the data in our PDM Vault.  As we do not have PDM Enterprise (and cannot justify the expense,) there seems to be no way to sync the two offices, so we plan to settle on making an unmanaged (simple file structure without using PDM,) copy of our entire vault.

Is there a feasable way to export/check out the entire vault?  All of the export commands/utilities either seem to require converting files to generic types, or are strictly for migrating to another PDM vault.

I've tried literally checking out every file in the vault (expand all folders by pressing the * key, then selecting all files with ctrl-a,) but after several seconds of thinking, that fails with a generic:


ERROR retrieving document information


Any thoughts?