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    Lofted Surface guiding problem

    Jip Warendorf



      I'm working on this design of a headtube. I want to let the supports flow into the headtube with some lofted surfaces, which I want to create a solid from later on.

      Almost all surface lofts are working out fine, only the top one doesn't work. I think it's got something to do with one of the guide lines. You can see in the attached pictures.

      loft without guide.pngloft with guide.png

      Can someone help me out with this one?


      Best Regards,


      Jip Warendorf

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          Mark Kaiser

          How about using a surface fill?






          I just selected the four edges on the perimeter you are trying to loft, and let surface fill take care of the rest.  Might be a place for a boundary surface also.

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            Jerry Steiger



            I suspect that the way the Loft outer edges goes tangent to the lip is a problem. Would it be acceptable if there were an angle where the vertical walls meet the wall of the lip? Another possible fix would be to cut away the top lip where the loft would meet it, so that the loft doesn't fade away to 0 at the ends. It would probably be better to use a Boundary Surface if you try this method.


            Mark's method is much easier than either of the above, if it is acceptable.


            Jerry S.