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    Is Solidworks China abusive? Where to complain?

    hajime hajime

      Hello, I am a professor in China. Solidworks told us that as we are in China, we have to order Solidworks Educational from Solidworks China.

      We only want 1 license. However, Solidworks China refuses to sell it to us. Instead, they are forcing us to buy 60 licenses! Furthermore, as

      far as I know, we have the right to request a time limited, full version copy for evaluation. SolidWorks China told us that they cannot provide

      such evaluation disc. They just want us to buy 60 licenses. Are they being abusive? Is there an email address where I can complain to the company

      CEO? I have been trying to buy this software for almost a month but because of the unreasonable demand from Solidworks China, I still cannot

      purchase the software. Thanks.