Administrative Image

Discussion created by Guest on Oct 31, 2006
on 2006 1 06:50 John Burrill wrote:
> The admin setup wizard goes through a mock solidworks installation to gather registry
> settings and defaults for the client installs. It doesn't actually put solidworks
> on your machine.

Solidworks software is loaded onto the local machine and opened whilst you set various options within SW like default file locations, colours, toolbars etc, then when solidworks is closed, the admin setup copies these settings to the admin image.

Solidworks software installation is kept on the local machine and is not removed.

A copy must be installed on the local machine to gather the settings required for deployment to other users. Its a tricky process at first, but works rather well in my eyes.

You may, as a solidworks administrator, use your own local machine as the test machine, creating admin images from it etc.

Remember when installing service packs to the admin image, create an admin image copy first! That way you can roll back a service pack (which is listed in the help files) you can do with little effort.

Remember also that any changes to the admin image on the server, will affect all users ho have installed Solidworks from it.

hope that help s a little

- Anthony