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Data Migration to Vault and releasing with existing revision

Question asked by Anil Dhungel on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2014 by David Cramer

Hi All,


New here to forum. The company I work for just got EPDM and I am in process of migrating all the solidwork files from server to EPDM vault. I have ran into a problem that if I release the file into the vault, the revision of files gets overriden and resets to 1. So I am trying to find a way how I can release the file without reseting the file revision to 1.

Currently in my workflow (see Image) I have a Bypass which allows me to release the files without going through any approval process and this also does not cause any change to my file revision. But after once the file is released using bypass method if I try to go through the regular process the revision gets reset to 1 again.  Is there anyway to resolve the issue.


Just  to clarify more here is what is going, I have an assembly with revision 10 , I move it to vault, Check in, and release in the vault using data load bypass , the file is released as version 10 in vault and everything is good. But if I make any changes to file and route it for approval first to peer review and then doc-control. Now when the file is released the file goes back to revision 1 instead of 11. Is there way I can modify my workflow or any settings in the EPDM that will cause the revision to go 11 instead of 1.


Any help is appreciated.