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Cut SM part using intersection curve

Question asked by Sip Hofstede on Nov 5, 2012

Hi All,

A problem that has got me stumped and I wonder if anyone has run into this.

I have a SM cylinder that I need to cut using an angled upside down pyramid.

001-8-004 problem 1.png





























Problem is, the cut produces angled edges, and causes poblems down the road.

I tried with a surface, cutting that, and then thickening it. That aslo gave problems. In the end, I need to use the scrap of the cutout to produce 9 curved pieces that come out tf the scrap material in the hole. So I just need a line 1/16, or 1/32 thicl witht he scrap pieces still attached, and then roll it up, and zipcut the parts out of it. finally, cut the scrap piece out, ready for installation in the weldment.

the one below was done in ProE

001-8-004 problem 4.png

This is the weldment that it goes into.

001-8-004 problem 3.png


If you see a diffetent approach I should take, I would be very please to get oiver this "hump"

TIA for any input.

Sip Hofstede