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How to restrict droplist selections pulled from variables in LISTS (for cards)

Question asked by Chris Haught on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by Chris Haught

Sorry if my title isn't that clear.


I am having an issue with trying to restrict droplist selections based on a primary droplist selection.  I have an Access Database that the card List values are pulled from and is structured as follows:


Company              City                         Country

C-1                         City1                       Country-1

C-1                         City2                       Country-2

C-1                         City3                       Country-3

C-2                         City-4                      Country-4

C-2                         City-5                      Country-5


Based on the Company selected in the "Company" droplist, I only want the City and Country values associated to the selected Company to show up in the "City" and "Country" droplists, respectively.  For example, if C-2 is selected, then I would like only City-4 and City-5  AND  Country-4 and Country-5 to show up as choices in their respective droplists.


My counterpart (who is much more code savy than I) have modified example code from one users on this board to accomplish this, but we are having some issues making it work.  I have included our code below for your reference and would appreciate any and all help that can be offered.  Thank you.