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Import STEP or IGES and get multiple faces

Question asked by Nicholas Nadeau on Nov 5, 2012
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These tubes (attached) were made & exported to STP in ProE/Creo. Any other CAD software which imports the file (NX, Inventor, ProE) seems to import them as designed, with all the faces as smooth, ie: the outer tube cylindrical face is a single face (not the 3 faces as seen in the attached screenshot). Solidworks on the other hand interprets the faces as piecewise (smooth in the curvature sense, but not a single face entity).


Knit surface doesn't seem to do the trick. Repair faces is able to merge the large outer half-faces, but not the notch/end faces. Any suggestions?


These tubes will be profiled, the machinist uses Solidworks and wants smooth edges or he won't take the order...