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    Lost reference icons.....

    Mark Smith

      When I was using Vault, up until last week, when I would bring in a detail or sub-assembly I had already used in a previous assembly, the icon in the vault tree would have a small arrow indicating that file was a reference from another project.  Now that I have the enterprise PDM software upgrade, I no longer can see those links.  This is a HUGE problem for us as we reuse a great deal of our models.


      Is this just a setting that was missed when we upgraded or are we s&^$ out of luck?




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          Jeremy Feist

          I am unfamiliar with the WPDM icon you speak of (we went straigh to EPDM).


          and I know of no icon like it in EPDM. the the where used tab in the explorer and search windows will tell you where the components are used.

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              Mark Smith

              The problem that I am haveing, for  example.....  I need to print all of the tooling for one of my machines (call it machine A).  The tooling for the machine happens to be a duplicate a set I earlier created (call it machine B).  In the vault, under machine A, all the tooling will show up with a small arrow on the icon indicating that it is referenced ouside the current project (machine A).  When you click on the icon, it will take you to where the origional files are located (machine B). 


              In Enterprise PDM, there is no such indicator that there are even files that are refereced.  The only files that show in ePDM are the files that were created under the project you are looking at.  In my example, when I go to machine A to print my tooling, it appears, when looking at the vault, there is no tooling even there.

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              Tim Webb



              It sounds like you just upgraded from Workgroup PDM to Enterprise PDM.


              Was the implementation specialist informed about this shared functionality that was in use?


              As a secondary functionality note: Enterprise PDM can do the same thing for you but first you will need to share the re-used data into the folders where your designs live.


              Hope this helps.


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                Jeff Sweeney

                The workgroup shared icon is indeed not in EPDM.


                The "Where Used" tab in the Windows Explorer interface can be used to see all the places document is used.