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Locating cutouts in a rolled sheet metal part

Question asked by James Thomas on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2012 by James Thomas

Sheet metal is created in the rolled state, unfolded to add all of the cutouts (holes, slots, rectangles, squares, circles, whatever), and then folded at the end to give the final product.  The shop will add all cutouts before the sheet is rolled.  All cutouts will deform to an extent when rolled which is fine.


When a cutout needs to be added based on the part's location after being rolled how would you go about adding that cutout in the flat?  Say you're adding a hole thjat isn't centered on the sheet.  If you add a sketch and cut extrude your hole while the part is rolled you create a deformed hole with no true center when the part is flattened.  Ideally you'd add the hole in the unfolded state, but locating that hole proves to be a challenge.  How would you go about it?