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Multiple Student Edition Install

Question asked by Daniel Frost on Nov 3, 2012
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Hello all, first time poster here. Not sure I'm on the correct forum but this is the closest to my problem i have found.


Here is the problem: I have 2011 student edition (from disc) with all the bells and whistles installed on my laptop. I have projects where I download stl files, etc. and import them using feature recognition. The school has upgraded to 2012/2013, so i download the 1 year free version to my laptop (different serial number) which does not come with feature recognition, etc.. I have tried installing 2011/2012 and then 2012/2013, and also vice versa. I have tried labeling the folders differently. I have tried using the same serial number. I really need both with different codes. Am i able to have a network licence on my laptop to have both? Where would i get the serial # for that? Or am I barking up the wrong tree?


Any help would be great,